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Die-Cast Aluminum Floor

Aluminum shied panel is die-casted by pure alumiium ingot.It is anti-corrosion and high strength.This panel can be epoxy powder coatedor nickel chrome plated. Both finish makes the panel gentle glow, anti-corrosion and anti-wear.

New original design with high dimension accuracy.
Light weight, high density and good loading capacity
Waterproof, fireproof, anti-corrosion, anti-magnetic, environment friendly and non-radiation.
Stable structure and never deflects, good conductivity.
Recycleable and economical

Shield panel

Perforated panel
Junyi Aluminum Perforated panel is the industry's only air flow panel that allows
adjustment in thickness to sit flush with the adjacent solid panels. The JYP Series has a
free area of 10%25% and comes with or without sliding dampers.

Grating panel
50% Aluminum Grating panel is widely used in clean rooms(e.g.top class air clean laboratory, semi-conductor work- shops andoperation rooms in hospital.)

Aluminium perforated panel55%

This aluminum panel is designed to take heavy load and ventilation rate is as high as 55%. Sliding
damper can be installed to the bottom the panel to meet air flow rate requirement of 0-55%. This
panel could be installed with any of anti-static steel raised floor, anti-static calcium sulphate raised
floor, high-density woodcore raised floor and aluminum raised floor.
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