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Anti-static raised floor

  The panel is made of high quality deep stretch coil steel sheetand SPCC steel sheet, which is punched, spot-welded, coatedwith epoxy powder after has been phosphorated. The panel isfilled with foamed cement inside. After being kept for a period oftime, it forms a stable support structure. The top steel sheet isstuck with anti-wear and antistatic HPL. And the panel isinstalled with stringer and pedestal.

Antistatic access floor is widely used in computer center,communication center, data centers, the power station,
microwave communication stations, satellite ground stations,mobile communication center, program- controlled telephoneexchange center, radio and television editorial room and otherprofessional editorial command room. And it is installed in production workshop of integrated circiuts, computer, telecommunications,electronics and optical equipment. It can be seen in hospital operation room and electronic imaging examination rooms and other electrostatic sensitive industry like millitary,petro chemical and other inflammable places.

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