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PVC conductive floor
Introduction of Product
The steel panel was stuck with conductive PVC vinyl tile. Which creates a permanent conductive system. The marbling appreance of the PVC vinyl tile provides an outstanding decorative appearance. PVC raised floor is widely applied in telecommunication room, power station, computer room, electrical control room, factory clean room and other anti-static demanding area.

Prevent static validly; flame retardant, dustproof, antiskid, antirust, antisoil, resistance to chemical attack.
Imported glue, strong wearability, non-bubble, non-degumming; painted steel body to prevent static, soft light, wearproof, artistic.
High dimensional precision, newly patent "cross strengthening rib" structure, super strength loading, pressurization.
Fix conveniently, assembly agility, bottom space could be used for air conditioning.

Technical parameters

Type interna
Size mm Fire Performance Concentrated Load
LB     N      KG
Impact Load N Ultimated Load N Uniform Load N/M2 Rolling load N
10     10000
Times  Times
JY-1001 FS700 60060035 A 700 2950 301 445 8850 12500 2950 2356
JY-1002 FS800 60060035 A 800 3550 363 536 11250 16100 3560 2670
JY-1003 FS1000 60060035 A 1000 4450 453 670 13350 23000 4450 3560
JY-1004 FS1250 60060035 A 1250 5560 567 725 16680 33000 5560 4450
JY-1005 FS1500 60060035 A 1500 6660 680 780 26690 43000 6670 5560
JY-1006 FS2000 60060035 A 2000 8890 906 890 31130 58000 8890 7800

Surface resistance range 11041109, tile could be HPL or PVC. Deflection2mm, mounting height 100300mm, other height could be customised.

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