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Steel OA Network Floor
SSteel Anti-static Raised Access
       Floor (Laminate panel)
Raised Access Floor with Ceramic
Woodcore Raised Access Floor
Calcium Sulphate Raised Access
Glass Raised Access Floor
Triangle Floor in All Steel
Aluminum Access Floor
Perforated panel
Pedestals For Raised Floor
Covering Material
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Steel Trunking OA500 Network Floor

Trunking System
Trunking for wires is one of the advantages of Junyi trunking floor. Cover flank covers on basic panel edges after lying wires in trunks. Each panel stands separately, making it very convenient to lie flank cover before or after wires.

A workstation can be easily and quickly relocated with cable management without disruption.Convenient for connecting wire at any point without cutting floor. Suitable for all kinds of plug socket terminals. Adjustable wire-connected location.

5 class office building, the first rate office building, Bank building, Electricity Control Building, Security Union Plaza, Telecom Building, Futures Trading Building, Software Design Center, data center and the place demand cabling and wiring. And best for the aging building floor's reform.

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